Looking to interview people for 30 minute doc (UK) on game addiction.

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Looking to interview people for 30 minute doc (UK) on game addiction.


I'm in the preproduction phase on a 30 minute documentary on game addiction. As a life long lover of video games, I am deeply passionate about both the positive and negative aspects of gaming. This coupled with the fact that recently in the UK a rehabilitation clinic that usually provides help for drug addictions has now started to offer help to those addicted to online and video gaming has made me want to produce this film. The film will be shown on CurrentTV which is primarily aimed at 18-34's with an equal gender share. The audience are web savvy and articulate, and as the online community for the channel is very active, often films spark interesting debate.

I am looking to start a dialogue with people who feel they have either over come their addictions or feel they need help, also the people affected. I am aware that this is a sensitive issue and assure people who use this site I am not out to make a film which vilifies the subject or belittle the people involved. I am genuinely interested in discovering at what point does the love of gaming become a real problem.

Also, as part of my film I am interested in taking some one to the UK with a view to attending the clinic for a 4 week rehabilitation course. As it stands we can potentially contribute expenses and a high proportion of the treatment fees.

This aside, I would love to speak to people who have personal stories, if you feel this is something you would be interested in please contact me

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Thanks for you time

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