Looking for people who have beaten gaming addiction

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Looking for people who have beaten gaming addiction

Hi there -- thanks for reading.

I'm a freelance journalist working for Green Pixels looking for someone to interview who has been through gaming addiction and come out the other side.

I usually do the interviews over email in a question and answer format. They don't take much time.

To have an idea of how they get written up on the site, have a look at some of my previous 'real-life' stories.

The kind of questions I would be asking would be how long you were addicted to games, how it affected your life and relationships with others and how you managed to beat it along with advice for others who might be in the same situation.

I would prefer people who would be happy to be named and to send me a photo we could use for the article (otherwise I think people kind of read the story and think I could have made it up!) but considering the sensitive nature of the topic, I could do the story anonymously.

If you're interested or wanted to know more before commiting yourself, please email me at emmaboyes@gmail.com. You can also contact Dana Jongewaard (ed in chief) at dana@greenpixels.com to confirm I'm on assignment for them -- my photo and bio is also on the site.

I'd probably need to do the interviews within the next couple of weeks, although I don't have a definite deadline yet. Thank you!

Emma Boyes

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