Looking for UK gamers who want help

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Looking for UK gamers who want help

Hi there

Is an online game taking over your life?

Are you a parent who is really worried about the increased retraction from family life?

You might have a roommate, best friend or family member that you're worried about, or you might simply want a helping hand yourself - I am interested in hearing from people from a variety of different backgrounds, with a variety of different levels of online addiction.

I am looking for people who who would like help with their social media/videogame/pc/internet dependancy for a pilot (non broadcast) television programme that will take people on a journey of rehabilitation with a top US clinic, giving them access to treatment that may otherwise be out of reach

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who feels that gaming is taking over their life .

If you know anyone, or are interested in finding out now then please get in touch.


Emma emma.parsons@crackitproductions.co.uk