Los Angeles gamer needed for cyberaddiction documentary film

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Los Angeles gamer needed for cyberaddiction documentary film


My name is Jack Kuo - I'm an addiction psychiatrist who has presented with Liz Woolley and other OLGA members at conferences on videogame addiction. I've been contacted by a documentary film producer who will be interviewing me for a film on cyberaddiction. The producer is also looking for a gamer who would be willing to be interviewed for the film - if you'd prefer to remain anonymous that can be arranged. Filming is set for early to mid April 2010 in Los Angeles.

If you are interested, please respond to this thread with contact information.



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Welcome to OLGA Jack.  Hope

Welcome to OLGA Jack. Hope the film producer finds what he needs for his film. Could you come back here and let us know if and when the film is complete and scheduled for release?

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