radio documentary, request for interviews

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radio documentary, request for interviews

Hi everyone.

My name is Richard Chapman, I'm a journalism student studying at RMIT Universtiy in Melbourne, Australia. Similar to many of the requests on this forum, I am creating a radio documentary about gaming addiction and would greatly appreciate anyone willing to share their story with me. The primary angle I wish to pursue is the prevalence of gaming addiction and the degree to which it can harm those affected.

The focus of the documentary is purely informative. I am NOT interesting in berating or ridiculing people addicted to computer games. Instead I wish to provide them with a platform with which they can share their story, and in the process, hopefully generate awareness about an issue I think is only going to get worse before it gets better.

There are no particular requirements with regards to who I would like to talk to, just anyone with a willingness to share their story no matter how insignificant it may seem. I am also happy to talk with people whose lives were affected by the addiction of others. If you are not Australian, that is fine as well!

Anonymity requests will be absolutely respected. Likewise, I can provide contact information for anyone wanting to check my credentials or validity.

Please email me at if you are willing to help me or have any enquiries.