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Hi everyone,

My name's Nina Pace and I'm a Sydney (Australia) based journo. I'm working on a package for radio statio 2SER 107.3fm on problematic internet usage.

I'm seeking an Australian internet/gaming addict who is happy to share their story on air. Contact me via email or at twitter @ninotchka_pace for more info.

Would love to hear from you, and hope each of you overcome your gaming addictions.

:) Nina

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We wish you well, but most

We wish you well, but most recovering gamers here don't want to break their anonymity.

It's also worth noting that we have had gamers pretending to be journalists to draw out responses while they laugh behind the scenes, a gmail account is pretty typical for them, so response might be lower for that reason too.

But you might find someone here. Good luck to you.

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