Stories and interviews requested for final graduation project

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Stories and interviews requested for final graduation project

Hi Everyone

My name is Abbey and I am currently studying TV production at Bournemouth University (UK). For my final production we have to make a 15 minute documentary on a subject of our choice and I would like to do mine on online addiction with specific focus on the online game of Second Life. I am looking for people who would be interested in sharing their experiences with me both good and bad, I have done a fair bit of research on this topic and I assure you the documentary will be very sensitive, am hoping to show that online addiction is a real problem for everyone involved and that the stereotypes that people conjure up when they think about online addiction are usually incorrect.

This project is based in the UK so I would love to hear from UK members of the site if they think that they would be interested in me filming them explain their story between the dates of the 4th and 8th of march and If they wish I am very willing to keep their identity anonymous.

For members outside of the UK I wish I could come to you and talk to you personally, but being a student I am not that well off at the moment :) If you however are able to donate your story to the project I would appreciate it and love to hear from you.

All stories will be treated with utmost sensitivity and I will send everyone who's story is featured either a dvd or a electronic version of the film so that I make sure that everyone is comfortable with the final result. I would finally like to add that The film will be used for examination only unless I have permission from everyone involved.

If you want proof of me being a student from my university before you share your story just let me know and i'll get that to you asap.

Thank you for reading, I've been as honest as possible at this early stage of development - please get in touch if you can help:

my e-mail is