what is a video game addict?

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what is a video game addict?

Hi OLGAnon members,

I'm Sarah Boesveld, a reporter with The Globe and Mail, a national newspaper in Canada. Since 15-year-old Canadian boy Brandon Crisp ran away from home two weeks ago after his parents took away his Xbox citing his addiction to the game Call of Duty 4, the topic of video game and online game addictions has sparked a lot of interest, with many realizing they or their children might have a similar problem. Still, a lot of Canadians don't understand nor realize what goes through the mind of someone who is addicted to video games, how it happens, what it can do to relationships, what it means for the future, how recovery can be sought. I thought I would ask you, who have acknowledged the addiction and are seeking treatment for it, to help me answer some of those questions, or at least open up the dialogue. I'm writing a piece for Friday's Life section on the topic and would like to discuss it with members of this group. Would anyone interested in sharing their story email me at sboesveld@globeandmail.com or phone me at 416-585-5133? Thanks so much and hope to hear from you.

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Hi everyone. I just did an

Hi everyone. I just did an interview with Sarah. It's going to be published later this week. The Globe would be the equivalent of the New York Times in Canada - really top notch publication north of the border.

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