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Would you like to share your story?


I work for a British men's magazine called Loaded.

We are currently doing a spread on the dangers of internet and in particular, video game, addiction to highlight the mania surrounding Grand Theft Auto's release.

We want to speak to a British young man who our readers can relate to, to tell us how this is affecting your life, your relationships, and your career. Maybe you can help other readers seek help and realise they are not alone.

We would meet with you for a brief interview that would be published later this year.

You have our promise that this will be handled sensitively.

If you would like to help raise awareness, please contact me.

Thank you

T - 07970 866 404
E - evacaiden@hotmail.com

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This is the abuse message I

This is the abuse message I sent the site admins: This is another solicitation of OLGAnon members to be lab rats by someone claiming to represent a major media outlet or serious publication, yet they use a HOTMAIL account for contact info? This stinks to high heaven! If you share my concern, click Report Abuse in the original message. If only two more people do, this thread will vanish.

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I see no problem with

I see no problem with legitimate journalists using their company email, it certainly helps establish credibility. This person did list a phone number, that's not typical so I'm on the fence on this inquiry. Perhaps this reporter should talk to Liz Wooley, our founder.

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I have been an independent

I have been an independent computer contract programmer for over 16 years. Over that time, I used a CompuServe account originally and now a Yahoo account that I use for my work. Among my clients, I have sometimes been given a corporate e-mail address to use, especially if I was working on site, but quite often I was not. The phrase "work for" does not necessarily mean that the person is a full-time employee of this magazine. If this person is a freelance journalist instead, he or she would quite likely be using their own e-mail address instead of the magazine's one. I agree with Xandtar that listing a phone number does make it appear more legitimate. Also, in this particular case, since this Eva person wants to actually meet, that also makes it appear to be more up and up as well. However, even using a public e-mail account and no telephone number does not automatically mean that it is anything like spam or a type of scam, although it does make it look very suspicious. Anybody who is interested in sharing their story with any person (regardless of what sort of contact information is provided) should exercise caution, especially if they want you to reveal your identity. If they are legitimate, the person should not have any problem with providing a corporate contact person's e-mail address and telephone number that you can use to verify their story. Also, if you have not heard of that group before, you should check the media outlet's Web page to also help confirm that they are legitimate.

- John O.

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