1 Week gaming free

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1 Week gaming free

Such a liberating feeling to not have played a game in one week. Last week was by no means easy but it has helped put life in perspective. My personal relationships are starting to change, I feel more focused on my job, and I am finally starting to think about what is next. I have been wanting to find a new job but was so concerned with keeping things the way they were that I had no drive to challenge myself.By no means is the desire to play games gone, it has simply lessened for the time being. The times I tried to quit before and came back have been a constant reminder that addiction is by no means something that one escapes overnight, but is a lifelong process. Thus, I am enjoying the time right now. One thing I have to constantly remind myself is "Today I will not play video games." Sometimes I get caught up in what it will be like a month from now or a year, but I have to stop and remember that "Today is all that matters."Relief seems to be how I feel at this moment, especially since I had a long conversation with my mother (a very close friend) who understands the snare of addiction. I will be posting something in step 1 because even during this time of "lessening" I have been taking mental inventory about the things that were given up to indulge in my addiction. Sacrifices made that have frustrated me now. Perhaps I have skipped around on the steps, but by taking mental inventory it has helped me to know what I can do to perhaps recoup those losses.

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Congratulations on 1 week,

Congratulations on 1 week, Valley! I know that if I take care of today, tomorrow will fall in place. One day at a time works.

Acceptance. When I am disturbed, it is because a person, place, thing, or situation is unacceptable to me. I find no serenity until I accept my life as being exactly the way it is meant to be. Nothing happens in God’s world by mistake.  Acknowledge the problem, but live the solution!

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Congrats on the week,

Congrats on the week, Valley! Good for you, and keep it up :)

When you're going through hell...keep going. --Winston Churchill There is no pit so deep that God is not deeper still --Corrie ten Boom

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Hi Valley, Well done. I'm on

Hi Valley,

Well done. I'm on day 13 of not gaming. It is hard, but I am reminding myself "just for today" and not trying to control life. I like to think I'm like a rubber band that is being stretched, It always wants to go back to the same shape (old habbits) but with the grace of God, I'm not going to let it.

Take care

Mat H

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