17 days Game-Free

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17 days Game-Free

So it's been 17 days and no videogames. ^_^

I would like to celebrate the good things that have already happened in my life since quitting gaming, so I made a list below. I also bought myself a gift of a $120 pair of headphones (on sale for $80)!! I love music so much...so so much. I figured that listening to more music on HD headphones will keep me away from gaming (because I now listen to more music). ^_^

Good things happening since quitting gaming:

1) I started writing a book, (which I had put off for 10 years)

2) I am now a good student; I am now budgeting enough time to study (last night got A on test!)

3) I got invited to 2 social events, by dude friends from work (!!!!!!!)

3.5) I'm playing and practicing more music!!! More string bass and piano ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

3.75) I'm listening to more music!!

4) More "with it" at work

-Less comments from coworkers about me looking dopey and depressed (lol), since I'm paying more attention, and spending less time fantasizing about v games

5) I payed my credit card off (something I had put off indefinately)

6) I started carrying my weight a little bit more around the house (I unloaded the dishwasher for my parents, took out the trash)

7) I feel happier and more balanced

--Much much fewer thoughts about suicide, and when I think about it, it is no longer an option. Suicide for me was an easy way out. I think my life will get better, so hurting myself no longer seems like a good idea

8) Self esteem got a little boost

Maybe because I'm doing better in college, b/c I quit the games

9) Sleeping a lot more!

So I want to dedicate all of these positive things that I've experienced during these days, to my fellow gaming addicts of our community. If you quit too, your life will start to improve.

To be fair, I will mention some of the unpleasant things I've experienced since I've quit gaming. None of these unpleasant symptoms are actually bad for me--They're more like a hangover after drinking too much alcohol.

Unpleasantness since quitting gaming (mostly withdrawl symptoms) :

1) Sleeping a lot more! : lol. Can't figure out if this is happening because I am catching up with all of the sleep I lost, or because of addiction withdrawl. No matter, it feels good, and it isn't causing me any harm...probably good for me...however there's just too many things I'd like to do right now while I'm awake. lol. oh well.

2) "Oh I miss u gamey gamey": Of course this is to be expected. Not gonna lie, I found myself "missing" games today like they were long lost friends...."Oh Final Fantasy Tactics on my little Gameboy, I miss you so badly, those were the good ol' days..." lol. "Oh Fallout 1, Oh League of Legends.."

3) More self-aware: I found myself regretting nearly half of my life today. It was sincere, too. I've been so "drunk" with gaming that I haven't cared about myself and my life goals and ambitions. I hope to be a successful music composer. I hope to be a successful writer. I hope to be a teacher (if I'm honest with myself). In the last 10 years, these goals haven't really changed (even though I'm 23), and I've barely gotten closer to achieving them. I've only made half-hearted, sloppy attempts to fulfill these dreams of mine. So...the self awareness is sucking....I mean, the pain is good for me. It will keep me away from games....but still...it really sucks looking back....I can see musicians and writers and college graduates my age doing things that they love.....and I've only held myself back. The good news is that I've decided that I won't hold myself back anymore.

4) Briefly addicted to OLGA? : lol. But for real, it happened to me. I guess being addicted to here is better than being addicted to TV (following gaming addiction). How do I know I was addicted to OLGA?

A) Sessions of OLGA got in the way in the way of real life activities (briefly)

B) Snapped and got defensive when others interupted my OLGA sessions

C) Stayed up past 2am reading and posting, making me tired and cranky the next day lol

So anyway, I don't think I'm addicted to OLGA anymore, but it was a good filler for gaming, a good 1-1 replacement. Now I still like this site but I'm making sure I take care of my responsibilities first ^_^

Ok that's all folks. Hope you found this post insightful in some way!

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Awesome report, Braden! "Oh

Awesome report, Braden! "Oh I miss you gamey, gamey" made me laugh out loud. Keep it up!

Acceptance. When I am disturbed, it is because a person, place, thing, or situation is unacceptable to me. I find no serenity until I accept my life as being exactly the way it is meant to be. Nothing happens in God’s world by mistake.  Acknowledge the problem, but live the solution!

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"Oh I miss you gamey,

"Oh I miss you gamey, gamey." hilarious! and I can relate!

GRATS on 17 days!

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Keep it up, Braden!  You're

Keep it up, Braden! You're doing great, and I like the list. I'm told that I'm not the only addict who suffers from what is called "euphoric recall", which is where we can only remember the good things we experienced in our addiction and forget all the misery that it brought us. Doing things like making a list of improvements since we stopped using is a great way to remind ourselves of the truth...sobreity is so much better than active addiction it isn't even funny. Thanks for sharing, and congrats!

When you're going through hell...keep going. --Winston Churchill There is no pit so deep that God is not deeper still --Corrie ten Boom

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braden wrote: 4) Briefly
braden wrote:

4) Briefly addicted to OLGA? : lol. But for real, it happened to me.

lol Braden. I can relates and you are not alone. Keep up the good work.

It's good to have goals and dreams, but while you're waiting for things to change, waiting for promises to come to pass, don't be discontent with where you are. Learn to enjoy the season that you're in--Pastor Joel Osteen

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