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1st ever post / 1er message

Hello, i speak french but i ll do my best to express my mind in english.

My name is Richard and i am a compulsive gamer. I started and fall in love with online gaming 9 years ago at the age of 40 and i did play every day at least 12 hours a day non stop for 9 years. i am gaming free now since december 25 2013. I am very happy to feel free. Feeling free for me mean not to be ties to something...if i am addicted or ties that mean that i am a prisoner and that i cant live without something on a daily base...drugs, gambling, alchool, nicotine, gaming. I registered on OLGA more than 6 years ago, but my addiction to online game was so strong that i went back very fast to my virtual world.

I met my 1st love when i was 16 approx (1980) her name was gambling, i met many of is family members named : poker,horse racing,and sports betting. Gambling was my 1st love ever, it made me feel so good, the sensation of winning and earning money with lady luck, my skill and my knowledge was so good when i began gambling, the ''beginners luck'' hit me hard, at that time my real job became a ''side line'' and gambling took the 1st place and became my 1st job until i hit the bottom on may 5 2000, i dont want to explain all but trust me i lost everything(soul,money, house, family...) I never went back to my 1st love since then, i will celebrate 14 of gambling free soon. I also met my 2nd love at 16 and it was another ''love'' named nicotine, nicotine also ruled my life for a period of 16 years, between 18 and 40 years old, i stopped and relapse a couple of time in that spawn, i am smoke free now since 8 + years actually. I also met another ''love'' her name was Mary Juana when i was 18 and she take care of me every !"/$%?&*() day until november 24 2013... i realy loved her alot but at the end she made me feel so bad,so i left her also.

The important thing for me is to learn from my life experience, learning about myself is probablly the biggest knowledge,life is not about not making ''mistake'' but learning from them and try to not repeat the same mistake... this is what ''mistakes'' are for...learning. it's not what is happening to me that is important but how i react to what happen to me...

Everything happen for a reason... and all these experiences with addictions brought me to meet another ''love''... the 12 steps of recovery program and the 12 steps of unity program, i practice them the best i can since almost 14 years now and i thank life for that, i do my best to practice these steps everyday, these steps are a life saver for me and can be the same for everyones on this planet who try their best to practice them with honnesty, open mind and willingness

The key is one day at the time...

I hope you understood the essence of my message.

Forgive me my bad english.

Je deviens ce que je suis...

Have a nice TODAY !

For the people who live in the Montreal area, i am willing to make face to face meeting anytime.

Pour les personnes qui demeurent dans la region de Montreal, je suis partant pour faire un meeting.


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Hi Richard. Welcome to OLGA.

Hi Richard.

Welcome to OLGA. I'm glad you stepped out of the shadows and posted. :)

You sound like me...addicted to more than one thing. I'm learning, as you point out, that the solution is the same despite the problem.

Look forward to hearing more from you.

Best of luck!

Game free since 3/3/2014.

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