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3 weeks 4 days

I have been absent from here for a few days, but I am still WoW free - 3 weeks and 4 days now. Not downloading WoW has proven to be a challenge. I have been tempted too so many times. One of my friends from the game actually posted a screen shot of my main character on her Facebook asking me to come back to the game. I cried, but I did not give to the temptation. For three days I kept thinking to myself that it would not be so bad if I just played that one character. My emotions have been a roller coaster : going up and down, and twisting me in knots at times. I had to limit my screen time to emails for work, and school, to avoid the temptation, but so far I have.

Thank you for listening and helping me get through this,


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Hi Melissa! Congratulations

Hi Melissa!

Congratulations on staying strong! Keep it up! I can relate to the feelings you describe because I am in a very similar situation, being now game free for only about 2 weeks. What has helped when I feel tempted to play is the following thought, "If I had never quit and continued to play the past weeks, would I feel happy and accomplished now?" I remind myself of the pain the addiction has caused and try to recognize that the "feelings of accomplishment" offered by games are only illusions. In real life our accomplishments are more difficult to recognize than in games, but recognize they are there and remind yourself that you are doing the right thing by staying game free :).

Congrats once again, and keep posting!


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