Been away from Olga a tiny bit too long

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Been away from Olga a tiny bit too long

I just HAD to take abreak from the website. I was logging in everyday multiple times and, (like online gaming) I couldn't stop myself. This was in May of 2013. So, like others before me, I went cold turkey. No more checking in on Olga for me. I had better things to do. Like find a part time job. But the job search revealed how I couldn't 'get' to any decent employment due to the bus didn't operate that late into the evening. On a side note, we had declared bankruptcy in august 2012, and gave up our leased vehicle. Bussing is good enough if you remember to take your umbrella with you during the rainy season.

No more Olga meant no more checking in all the time, but it also meant no more meetings. Which, it turned out was ultimately bad. In august 2013 I tried out the free verrsion of my game of choice and I was off and running. No job and no meetings meant I had loads of time on my hands so I quickly leveled up a main toon. But in september as if by some tick of the clock, the gaming clock, I began to pay for the good stuff. The special stuff your character can do only if you are paying the subscription.

Every month, somehow, the money was there. And of course I as successful in hiding that fact from my wife. Fast-forward to february 2014 and I had ammassed three accounts, paying for each of them was hard to hide, so I confessed to my wife what I was doing, and she was like, okay with it. But I never revealed exactly how much I was spending each month. In march I quit after learning how to three box. If you don't know, but you probably do, that's playing three accounts simutainiously. That lasted three and a half weeks.

By April I had a fourth acccount which was free but I had already gotten significantly better at three boxing. My characters were spiraling up the food chain. But at some point in april I was getting bored with the game. So what did I do? Quit? No, I learned how to four box! In May I did quit on or about the 5th, but the lure and the continued free time beckoned me back immediately. I was chatting with some friends about multi-boxing and one of them told me he had been seven boxing. OMG.

Let me tell you, trying to land a job without a reliable & dependable vehicle isn't very easy. So, when the neighbors across the street offerred me their old work van for $700 I jumped at it. Sure, we had to take money out of our 501k but it was worth it because I immediately landed a good job at $250 a week for only 25 hours, M-F. Now I was working again but also gaming still. But the thought that I was headed most certainly for seven boxing was too frightening for me so on May 26th I turned off the game for good. I was done. I had a van and a job to set my mind to.

Three weeks wentt by and I was already looking for another job. This one wasn'tt for me. I found one, called them up and started the very next monday. At a lower wage but the hours were better. Plus it was doing something I was really good at. Life was good, until my wife began having trouble breathing at night. A couple nights later she begged me to take her to the ER. It was late, the busses weren't running, but we had the van! At the hospital we learned she had suffered congestive heart failure. She was admittted that night and stayed in-patient for ten days.

She's home now, on oxygen and now she's due to begin an IV-drip treatment of Iron that's going to last a whole week. I should have mentioned that before her onslaught of CHF, we had to sink $1,500 into the van for new tires and a new fuel pump. But I was working. Money was coming in. Until I was laid-off for failing to "keep up with their hectic pace", as they put it. Oh, and by the way we now have learned that she is in the dreaded "donut hole" in her insurance!

In two days I will have reached my three month celebration for staying off games. Woot. I have been attending meetings online and even lead one on wednesday nights at 10 p.m. on Stepchat. I have been speaking more with my sponsor about my recovery and getting rid of the secrets that would hav killed me if I'd kept them much longer. We are starting a sponsor-family get-together on thursday evenings weekly and did I mention I'm back attending recovery meetings? So important they really are.

If you're new it does get better and if you relapse, don't sweat it too much, just know we're here for you when you decide you've had enough. Come to a meeting. My wife says hello and from the both of us we say thank you for being in this fellowship.

"There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative." --W. Clement Stone

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Thanks for sharing John!

Thanks for sharing John!

"Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, Thats why it's called the Present"

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Congratulations on your

Congratulations on your accomplishments John! I hope your wife is doing better.

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