Is Brain Training "Games" consider a game?

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Is Brain Training "Games" consider a game?


I quit gaming for almost a week now. :)

My sister introduced me to a iPhone App called "Elavate". Its a brain training app that uses game-like study methods.

I downloaded it, but than my no game policy kicked in. I want to check in with OLGA and see what your thoughts on it would be?

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Hi Paul, Congratulations on

Hi Paul,

Congratulations on almost a week game-free!

I'm not familiar with that app but I imagine that if your no-game policy is on red alert, there is a good reason. The addict brain is very sneaky. Mine was often looking for a back-door method to get a fix, especially at the start. I'd suggest getting rid of the app.

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Game-like?  I would steer

Game-like? I would steer clear. My personal rule is if it is entertainment (or at least not a necessary task) and it's on a screen, it's dangerous.

It's your choice if you want to check it out and know for sure. You won't get banned or anything.

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I just wanted to applaud the

I just wanted to applaud the instinct to check in about an unknown source of games first. I think that shows how much you already value your recovery.

As far as if it is a game or not trust your gut.

We will be here for you either way!

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Congratulations on your

Congratulations on your first week game-free!

My personal experience was that I found "brain training" and "educational" games just as addictive as other kinds. Once my "gotta keep getting points because that makes me feel better about myself" instinct kicked in, I couldn't stop. So I'd recommend staying away. You can live just fine without it, right?

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Be very careful! This is my

Be very careful! This is my answer in one of my presentations. I am posting video for sake of time rather than typing what I've already said in the video:

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