Continuing life without Everquest

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Continuing life without Everquest

Day 3 now...

Actually, things are going surprisingly well. To be honest, it's partly because I have been very busy at work. The true test will be the upcoming weekend when I'll have a load of free time.
Having been relatively housebound for a while now, I've forgotten what types of activities are available in my area. Apparently, there are really good rock climbing areas about, and there are folk who teach classes, so I am going to take my son and I to go climbing.
All in all, I'm pleased with my progress. I have been much more productive, both at work and at home, this week.
I am still playing the odd single-player game but they don't hold my attention as long.. which is good, needless to say.

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Re: Continuing life without Everquest

Good for you!

I'm very pleased that you've done so much so quickly.

But of course the real reward is in being with your kids, its the best time of your life.

Good luck to you.

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Re: Continuing life without Everquest

Nice to hear you are doing so well. Climbing is great. I have been wanting to go to a course to learn some serious climbing for years, but somehow I always end up forgetting it / moving it further back.

Spend time with your son... best investment of your life (I would say as a son )


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