I'm glad I've survived the withdrawal symptoms

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I'm glad I've survived the withdrawal symptoms

I'm clean for 2 weeks now and i'm glad i've made it so far.

Last weeks I had a lot of withdrawal symptoms that made me almost go back to gaming even with a broken hand. I was feeling angry, depressed , useless,... so I've stayed in bed for almost a week. Since yesterday I've got my energy back and I feel happy. I'm really glad that I made it through and that I can say to myself that I DID get through it and that i'm still clean

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Good for you, GC.  Congrats

Good for you, GC. Congrats on the 2 weeks, and on being able to stick it out through the nasty withdrawals...and just for the record, you're not useless. You're an addict, but that's not the same thing at all, even though addiction sometimes gets us to do things that are obviously problematic. Maybe you can make it to a meeting of some sort...that might help out also...


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Hello GC! Good to read your

Hello GC! Good to read your share. I can relate to it. Feeling useless is one of the biggest triggers for me to go back to gaming aswell. Even though I know I'll feel even more useless if I do so.

I still strugle with this. I know calling a fellow would help me snap out of it, I'm still not reaching out. What got me through is visiting meetings and doing service.

Keep it up, and good luck with your recovery.

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good work. I completely

good work. I completely understand the withdrawal stuff and have had a hard time myself coping! First few weeks were a literal hell. Crazy anxiety, sweating, low libido, extremely depressed, hopeless. I've got almost a month and am feeling ok. The hardest thing is going out in the real world and trying to socialize with normal people, whom I have little in common with. Gaming was my life, my identity. It is going to take some time and hard work before I can really feel comfortable and happy with the way things are in my life. I will keep coming back and will pray some!

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