So far, so good!

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So far, so good!

Well, I just passed my 30-day milestone a few days ago and no troubles or relapses! One day a week or two ago I watched a Tobuscus gaming video on YouTube but my dad quickly caught it and corrected me, and I haven't done anything like that since. I've been learning guitar, reading and creatively writing in my free time as well as hanging outside with a couple friends, or just watching TV or non-gaming YouTube videos. All my friends are actually amazed I've made it this far with no real problems at all, and even my dad has told me he's proud at the progress I've made. I wish I had more friends to hang out with because, as I said in my first post, I had to distance myself from most of them.... I sometimes feel like all this is pointless and I could just go back to videogames any time, but these thoughts don't last long as I just push them out of my head and find something better to do with my time. Other times I feel so thankful for my dad constantly pushing me to kick my addiction, my supportive friends who at first didn't take my addiction seriously but now do, the rest of my family, and the OLGA community who I can share my experiences with and feel safe doing so. Here's looking at another month clean!

"The last Metroid is in captivity. The galaxy is at peace." - Super Metroid (Super Nintendo, 1994)

Both an actual quote from Super Metroid, and my euphemism for my favorite game series being out of the picture or "in captivity", and "the galaxy" being my mind "at peace". Free as of June 12th, 2013.

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That is great, the first

That is great, the first month is crazy, I think it get better from hear on out, just keep sticking with it and sharing and coming to recovery! Congradulations!!!

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spacepirate568 wrote: I
spacepirate568 wrote:

I sometimes feel like all this is pointless and I could just go back to videogames any time,

Congrats on one month clean SP!!! Way to go.

I'd suggest that, no matter how much clean time you have, that urge will always come back.. sometimes when you least expect it. I encourage you to continue to build a treasure trove of mental skills to be able to use in the moment. After a year of not gaming (not even wanting to) I skirted with relapse. I'm glad I was able to work through the situation, and let it go.

Staying on the path of recovery can be a rocky one, but definately worth it. I like who I am today. I don't ever want to forget where I've come from and go back to what I was...

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Congrats dude! I'm new to

Congrats dude! I'm new to this community but the longest I've made it on my own is 7 great job!

Enjoy your new life of freedom! ^_^

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