Started the next step (Getting rid of / Selling)

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Started the next step (Getting rid of / Selling)

So I started selling my games today, posting one at a time on ebay. I had been putting this off for days and better do it now to clear some space in my room, besides why keep them if Im not even gonna use them.

I took them out and placed them inside a cardboard box when I first started here, even tho I have no desire to play them I do feel bad about selling them and dont like the fact that I became attached to them. Nostalgia maybe, I suppose but there is no purpose in having them around anyways.

I still have alot more to sell so I will keep doing it this week....

Did anyone feel the same? Why be attached to something we're not even gonna use?

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Thats a huge step forward,

Thats a huge step forward, Nameless. Congratulations on making that step. And yes, I felt just the same, except it took me months, after I quit gaming, to finally let go of mine. I think perhaps it is nostalgia that makes us want to keep them. My first game was played on the gameboy and second an offline computer game and I didn't want to let any of them go, even though I knew I couldn't play them again. I too, finally sold them on Ebay and it did feel good to get them out of the house, after I had sold them.

Keep up the good work!


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Congratulations on getting

Congratulations on getting rid of you games. That's a very important step.

Nameless0 wrote:

Why be attached to something we're not even gonna use?

I'm not optimistic enough about my recovery to be certain that I will never game again. I'm trying not to relapse, one day at at time. Some days I struggle not to relapse. So it is important for me to put as many obstacles, as much inconvenience, in the way of a relapse as possible.

I suspect that if you take a long, hard look at your attachment to your games, behind the smoke and mirrors of nostalgia you'll find your addict brain, playing hide and seek with you.

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I agree with Silver and

I agree with Silver and Benek, and I'd add that it's understandable to feel sad or to feel whatever you feel as you let go of something that once held value to you. Getting rid of the games is like saying goodbye to an old friend whom you realize you have nothing in common with anymore - it needs to be done, but it's sad.

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