What do I do, when I crave to play the games?

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Hi GettingBetter!  We have

Hi GettingBetter! We have skype voice meetings 3 times a week and also a mumble voice meeting on Wednesday nights. Both are accessible by phone. Feel free to PM me if you'd like the information on these meetings! :)

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Hi, I'm glad I found this


I'm glad I found this site, there are some very inspirational stories, and helpful tips to keep me on track. After I decided to quit gaming, I picked up drawing and made a few attempts at writing. I am terrible at both but it is still an ejoyable pass time for me.

The thing I think I missed the most about gaming was the all the interesting characters, worlds, and stories there were to discover. Being able to use my own imagination to create things instead of going zombie mode and relying on a game to do that for me, is quite a liberating experience.

However, I still get cravings to play, but I tell myself that even if I do play a "little bit" it will never be enough. I could never get enough, so there is no point in playing even a little. I also pray for strength and endurance to get through another day free from the shackles that had binded me for so long.

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