A few more years have passed, some good and some bad. I am now leveling up through bread making.

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A few more years have passed, some good and some bad. I am now leveling up through bread making.

I am currently in a PhD program for Imaging Science at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), and I have been doing well.  But for most of the years between after I graduated college and now, my autism made it hard to hold down a job, and my family didn't take too kindly to it.  I lived with them for three years straight after college.  I am 27 and haven't made more than $20/hr.

However, after reading about how some forms of autism are caused by improperly baked bread, I decided to start baking my own bread.  It is delicious, and much better than game food.  There are many things that can be made in a bread machine.  I even tried making sourdough pancake better, and everyone I know said that those were the best pancakes they ever had.

Because the bread I was baking was better for me, I quickly gained energy that I never had my entire life, and had the courage to enroll into this PhD program.

I don't live in a place with a kitchen at the moment, but the second I am getting one, I am buying a futuristic Japanese bread machine

Many kinds of delicious foods can be made through this machine.  This is leveling up IRL

The long-term outcome exceeds the short-term outcome.

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I have heard about diet and

I have heard about diet and gut biome being a factor in some cases diagnosed as Autism

There is a book 'Gut and psychology syndrome"


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