How I Stopped Gaming Addiction And How You Can Too (Advice For 2016)

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How I Stopped Gaming Addiction And How You Can Too (Advice For 2016)

You need to get Angry. . . 


You need to become furious at what you've become and start thinking negative thoughts like I did in 2012 . . . Gosh why am I such a loser? Why is this my life? How did I get so fat?!? Why did I waste so much time? Why did I put so much energy and attention into something so short-term and insignificant? Why did I put so much energy into something so childish? 


Then you need to start thinking constructive thoughts. . . I'm so angry with my life! How it is. Where I am. What I've done. HOW? How can I turn this around? For once in my life how can I be extremely confident? How can I stop this gaming addiction? How can I stop procrastinating and being lazy? How can I have self-worth to even get out of bed? How can I lose this weight!?! How can I get a job!?! How can I make friends? How can I attract a lover? How can I be a more positive person? ARGH! I HATE MY LIFE!!! HOW CAN I BE A SUCCESS??? 


You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself too. After a while you need to stop coming to olganon and relate to other addicts feeling hopeless and depressed. Yes olganon exists to help addicts. I came here in 2012 desparate. I went to the meetings, read other peoples posts, and watched documentaries on youtube about video game addiction. But then after a while you need to make a decision to stop being a  loser and take charge of your life. Complain to yourself at what you've done with your life the past 5 years and make a decision. Decide that in 2016 you're going to stop being an addict and become someone! Decide that although you don't know how, you'll find a way to turn things around. 


You also need to improve your new hobbies. I see people here that replace their gaming habit with a TV habit. How about replacing gaming with books? If you absolutely  hate books its because you haven't found your genre. In the past you probably read game strategy books. But hey you can't read those anymore since you're no longer a game addict. There's so many books. Find a genre you're interested in. I suggest self help books since you're trying to change your life. 


Avoid all things gaming. If there's a video game ad when you're watching youtube, mute it, skip it. Get rid of the games too. Throw em away, destroy em, or sell em. This desire to play video games will be with you for some more years. Hey, I still want to play video games too once in a while. You will relapse. But you will learn from each failure. 


This is how I changed myself. I no longer play any video games. The desire to play is still there. But the flame it once was is now just a dieing ember. Really think about your addiction. Get emotional. Change yourself. 


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Thanks for sharing your story. Good luck! 


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