How I went from a socially anxious wreck to a not so socially anxious wreck

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How I went from a socially anxious wreck to a not so socially anxious wreck

I spent most of my life as a socially anxious wreck. All my spare time was spent on video games, TV, and wishing I was capable of living a life other than this one. Slowly, over the last few years, and especially over the last year I have changed nearly all my negative habits, one by one, into positive ones. I hardly have any motivation sit down and play games, or sit and watch TV for hours. This short animated video sums up how I did it. Hopefully it can help at least one person

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This was a good watch. My

This was a good watch. My favourite part was the quote 'It's only when we've lost everything...' The one thing I disagree with from personal experience and therapy is the bit about exposing yourself to your fears, or being guided by them - that your fear tells you what you really need to do. Fear is an important indicator, but for me it was more about exposing myself constantly to what I WANT to do. I feared doing a lot of things that I actually wanted to do. But not everything I feared was something I wanted to do.

Thanks for sharing that!

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The part about getting

The part about getting outside of comfort definitly spoke to me. If I decided to stay in comfort and not seek out help, I probably would still be playing. 

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Tag, to watch the link later.

Thank you Zedp9.

Disclaimer: I'm an addict.

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