I am stuck, no recovery.....

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I am stuck, no recovery.....

Hello my name is Roslan, I am a gaming addict, and I have first came to this site 8 months ago.

I have been sober gaming for half a year and I have had great time while not playing any game.

In the past two months I had many relapses, in many differenet games. I thought that I was stronger against games, that I could still enjoy some of my old games with out ruining something.

This was fatal "error", because not even once I could control myself, and I have damaged every thing that I worked on.

Last weekened I have played a mmorpg, and probably wasted the whole weekened just playing it. In the past week I have been in some meetings, and i haven't played any game(except some chess or card games). Three days ago I was in one of the meetings, I haven't played, and was realy thankfull for that.

Yesterday, Instead of going to the pool in the morning, I told my self that i could play some "flash" games, and one of them was rotmg, multiplayer game. I just couldn't stop gaming, i tried any thing to make my self stop, but just couldn't. It feels like I have no more powers to stop my self from playing. Nothing realy helps me...

I have abondon any of my methods, and It is even hard to make my self enter this site and read topics...

I wish I could come back to my life again... I just don't know how to deal with those relapses.

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I know how tough relapses can

I know how tough relapses can be. I'm glad you got yourself here long enough to post. I suggest checking out the mumble meetings mentioned here: http://www.olganon.org/forum/line-meetings-message-board/all-online-meetings-computervideo-gaming-addicts. I found that connecting with other gaming addicts by voice was a lot more powerful than through typed chat.

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Voice meetings

I agree! I have been encouraging people on OLGA to utilize the voice chats and even face-to-face meetings or video meetings. However, if this is too much of a step, utilize the chat format as a stepping stone in your recovery. Definitely attend meetings!

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It is good you are talking

It is good you are talking about it here Roslan.  I find that getting honest in meetings, with other people who have been there, helps me face reality and do what needs doing.  It has been working for me in AA and I hope it works for us here.

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