My Counter Strike: Global Offensive addiction

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My Counter Strike: Global Offensive addiction

Hello everyone, before I share my story I want to apologize in advance if this is not the right board to post this since this is my first post on this site and I feel like I need to share my story if you or someone you know is facing a similar problem.


My story starts in junior year of highschool where I first found CSGO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive), I remember playing it for the first time for about one hour then saying how stupid and dumb the game was.  Ironically, the next day I was back on the game playing and trying to progress farther in the game and when I mean I tried, I became obsessed with trying to progress.  I eventually made it to Gold Nova 2 (I will put rank chart below) and I felt good about myself, but it didn't stop there.  I ended up playing most of the weekends and barely talked to my family at home and looking back I missed a lot of my life.  Even on Christmas/New Years, I found myself playing.  This continued for about two years until I graduated highschool.

once I graduated highschool, the problem became even worse.  I got a debit card from my bank and instead of saving my savings, I ended up dumping my entire savings account into the game buying and trading virtual skins.  In total, I spent about $2,500 on fake skins to make a gun look better.  On top of this, valve (the creators of CSGO) released an update which reset everyone's rank back to nothing, and when I got my new rank I was silver 3.  I became even more obsessed with doing well to the point where my grades in college started to drop.  I was playing the game everyday for an average of 30 hours per week.  This may not seem much, but considering I went to school for the majority of the days, it's a lot.  This happened until about last year when I got a job as a janitor.  Now, I have had previous summer jobs, but all that hard earned money got sunk into the game.  The janitor job saved my life/saving account.  Once I got the job and deposited my first paycheck, I saw how much damage I did to myself financially, socially, and mentally.  I alienated myself from my family on holidays just so I could play a dumb video game.  Ever since I got this job, it's like I replaced the need to do better in a game into real life and financially, I have never been better as I have more than I have ever had in my life.  

It felt good typing this out and letting it all out, I hope that my story can help others.





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Welcome .Thanks for sharing

Welcome .Thanks for sharing your journey. I'm glad you woke up to what was going on. All the best to you!


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