Need some advice!

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Need some advice!

So I have come into a situation. I didn't understand at first why I was feeling so frustrated with this problem. But I think I realized what is happening, and I am not sure where to go or how to deal with it. So this is what is going on. 

I love making 3D art. I use to be big into the community and use to get lots of comments on my art. Which made me feel really good. 

So then I gradually went more into my gaming, where I didn't do my art at all. I would maybe make one image a year, only because I felt guilty that I didn't do my art. Something I use to love doing. 

So now since  I am no longer gaming, 34 days in of no gaming. I am doing my art again. But when I post my images on the site, I get no comments. And it frustrated me to the point of where I started asking myself if it's worth it even doing my art. And then the small seed started in my head to play games. Then I realized I think it's the comments give me that small dopamine fix. It makes me feel rewarded.  
I understand I haven't steadily stayed in the community for years. And I know I shouldn't expect to be getting a lot of comments yet. But it still frustrates me.  

So I am asking for some advice from you guys. I don't want to push myself back into gaming because I am frustrated over not getting that dopamine fix from the comments. LOL  So do you think I should continue, just keep posting to get used to the average level of dopamine? Or should I just make my art and post later, after I am feeling more at a normal dopamine level in my head. 


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Thanks for sharing. Let me

Thanks for sharing. Let me tell you about myself

For me gaming addiction is not primarily an issue of gaming too much. I thought that once I stop gaming I will become "super humans" capibable of suddenly becoming very productive.

But gaming addiction for me is a spiritual and emotional disease were I look for anything to escape my emotions, and have a very dysfunctional life. That is why it's not enough to just stop gaming, i need to work the steps with a sponsor to achieve a major change in my life, perspective, emotions and spirituality. 

Never alone, go to meetings <3 Mumble voice meetings on cgaa are great, see you there <3


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