What kind of games you played?

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What kind of games you played?

I realised that most gaming addicts play competitive games like dota, lol or wow. Well, this kind of games are not interesting for me! I think because i am not a competitive person and i don’t like all of these monsters and brightness colours in them. Instead, I used to play strategy games and had download trainers even before trying the game. So i guess winning against the pc was not my motivation to play but i enjoyed buildinging my armies and the control i had over them. Later i played a space online game and i chose the path of a builder not a fighter because it is more relaxing and include cost calculations (sometimes it was complicated) and building stuff plus because i have always day dreamed of living in space so i told myself This game what i was looking for. what does this mean? I think i am not addicted to those fast ingame rewards but rather to the growth i make there whether it was money or control i have there (if i allowed myself to daydream about having lots of money in real life, i will relapse and go back to gaming after a day or two!). I found also that i miss the isolation and feeling of relaxation (laziness) i get while gaming (even now i go outside alone for not to hear or interact with anyone)

I am trying here to find what was my motivations to play video games because i think this will help me to counter or find other applications for them in my life.

"Recovery is not about dealing with gaming. Recovery is about dealing with Life"