Will this urg to play ever go away?

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Will this urg to play ever go away?

Hey guys, i haven't been on this website in months, but long story short, I was addicted to video games for over ten years, i haven't played since June 8th, so its been over two and a half months of no gaming. In the months of no gamming, i only had the urg to really play about 5-9 times!!, i think it's because i had a huge focus on school. This only happens when im on my homecomputer, since my main addicted is league.

I'm having the urg to play right now, I'm just wondering, if someone who makes it to somewhere like 5 years plus, will they always have the urg to play ? Are addicts always going to fight the urg throughout their life? I know i need to quit gamming, so i won't give it, but it's so hard right now, i'm starting to really think about gamming all the time. With school being over for two weeks, its getting hard again. Also maybe cause I didn't go to the gym today, ususally that makes me really relaxed afterwards, but anywho, my main question is, will i  always have to fight this urg to play my entire life?

Thanks a lot, everyone here has always been very supportive and helpful.