Former addict making a documentary about gaming addiction

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Former addict making a documentary about gaming addiction

I thankfully was able to quit playing video games a few years ago but I never realized until recently that I was in fact very addicted, sites like this have enlightened me to that. I lost a lot of my childhood that I wish now I could've taken back. But the past is dead, the future is now.

I just recently graduated from USC film school in Los Angeles and I'm now trying to make a documentary on gaming addiction. If you're in the Los Angeles area or in a nearby county and wouldn't mind sharing your experience with me I'd greatly appreciate it. I think this is an issue that's going to just get worse in worse in our future and not enough people are informed about it, and I aim to help that.

Please contact me at if you have a story to tell about yourself or a loved one.

Thank you.

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You will find more responses

You will find more responses from gaming sites. Target large ones such as the ones for starcraft warcraft and counterstrike, but also go for the MMOs. Just a note, the official sites for the game are not always the largest.

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