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my story

My story is from my time at university in the early 90s. I was desparately unhappy at university due to some screwups that meant I lost all my work, the pressures academic and financial, stresses at home with a brother who was going treatment for schizophrenia, a pet got run over and I had to take him to the vet and he got put down in my arms. Life was awful that period.

Then I got into an online multiplayer game that was pretty much the precursor to the more modern Everquest type games. It was called MUME and was text based. No fancy pictures, just a bunch of white writing on a black screen. And I got hooked so badly so quickly it was frightening. Ended up roleplaying with people all around the world, for hours at a time. Once I got into the labs on a Friday afternoon and they locked them over the weekend. I was playing when they were unlocked early Monday morning.

Anyway I managed to get away from that by addressing the issues I had, refocusing myself. This isn't going to work for everyone or even most people though. I was lucky. Since then I've played those games again and I'm fine. I maybe have a little go and then never touch it again for a week or a month.

My point is that games are not the problem. They are an out for a person who for whatever reason is unhappy. Anyway, good luck with this site, I came after reading the story of Shawn on CNN and feel for you and having been there feel very much so for the people caught in the trap...

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