&: Revised Board Posting Rules - PLEASE READ

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&: Revised Board Posting Rules - PLEASE READ

(Revised 10-20-02)

Hail and welcome!

This is a heavily-moderated board, due to the subject and its potential for inviting emotional postings. Accordingly, we will be monitoring content more strictly than the average EZ-Board admin might. Your opinions are valuable and are welcome, even if they disagree with ours, and no action will be taken on any post or thread just because we do not agree.

You, the players of online games, are an invaluable resource for the things you know and the things you've experienced, and so we look forward to your productive contributions toward helping others. But while your opinions are always welcome, the influx of trolls and griefers has, unfortunately, caused us to institute posting rules.

1). Any posts or threads deemed off-topic or inflammatory, are subject to editing, moving or deleting at the discretion of the forum moderator.

2). Any posts or threads which are argumentative, accusatory or which have obviously been created to instigate conflict, are subject to being closed and/or deleted.

3). Flagrant disrespect via posting or email to any of the OLGAnon staff *OR* any guest who is posting on our board is grounds for immediate, permanent banning from this site, deletion of posts and in severe or repeated cases, the reporting of the offender's EZBoard ID and IP address to the EZBoard Admin staff as having violated their terms of use.

While I apologize for the seemingly negative tone of this post, this action has been taken to protect the integrity of this board, our mission, and especially, those who come to us, not for judgement, but for support while they learn to regain control of their lives.

Should you have any concerns about anything relating to this policy, please feel free to contact me directly, using my email link below.

Thank you for visiting.


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