2020 Documentary created from the book "Your Son Did Not Die In Vain"

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2020 Documentary created from the book "Your Son Did Not Die In Vain"

Alex Bauer of "Bauer House" has created an excellent documentary about the life of Shawn Woolley from the book "Your Son Did Not Die In Vain".

Here is the link to it:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KygkYZOzMM

Please watch it. We would love to read comments and thoughts.



Liz Woolley

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Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone!

I am a content creator with a focus in making videos related to video games.
I have had a passion for video editing my entire life and over the past year I made the decision to combine my passions for video games and video editing together. I began making videos in a documentary-style recently covering crimes and real events that have transpired related to video games. I have known about Shawn's story for some time, but I never knew the details of what happened to him until I read Liz's book and was then motivated to create a documentary about his life. I am extremely grateful that I was able to get in touch with Liz and have her blessing to not only tell Shawn's story in video form, but also to spread awareness about mental health and video game addiction. I will leave a link below that contains all of my social media and you will be able to find the documentary on several platforms in list form. I recommend that you watch it on either my YouTube channel or the OLGA YouTube channel because it is the best quality on there compared to TikTok, Instagram, etc. I am looking forward to seeing what you all think of the documentary. I am open to any criticism regarding the quality of the video, as well as the context of what I speak about. Hoping this documentary can serve as a good resource to anyone struggling with video game addiction.

Lastly, I want to thank Liz for allowing me to do this in the first place.

You can find a link to all of my social media right here:

I can be reached on any of the platforms in the link above for comments, questions, or concerns.

Best regards,


Alex Bauer

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Hi Alex

Hi Alex

Congratulations on your documentary. It brings home that Shawn was a lovely human being and what a tragedy this was.

Through Liz's work we now can learn from what happened with Shawn, how gaming addiction has serious consequences for mental health and relationships, what signs to look our for and what can be done. This does not make the pain of Shawn's passing any easier for Liz or anybody who emotionally connects with Shawn's story. But it means that because we learn that we can be more hopeful and helpful for others today.

Rest in peace Shawn; and Liz, from one mother to another, I acknowledge all you have done, and your love for your son and family, You have had to be so strong to bear this. God bless you.


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