An article talking about videogames adicction and speak about OlG-Anon too.

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An article talking about videogames adicction and speak about OlG-Anon too.

This is the link of this article , sound complete !

MMORPGs appear to be engineered to induce gaming and maximize the amount of time the player stays in play. Game architecture relies on highly reinforcing random reward patterns based on the well-known principles of operant conditioning (Yee, 2006). The time between effort and reward is designed to be very short at first, becoming longer only after the player has progressed to successively higher levels within the game. The reinforcing nature of game structure is significant since children and adolescents often become seriously involved in gaming at an age marked by high neuroplasticity and at a time before their brains have fully developed the ability to manage impulses (MSNBC, 2009).

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Excerpt   "In the treatment


"In the treatment of the online gaming addict, some session time might also be devoted to helping the patient to cultivate the willingness and social skills necessary for a rich and effective engagement in On-Line Gamers Anonymous (OLGA). OLGA is a fellowship based on the familiar 12Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) where gaming addicts can meet to share their experiences, strength and hope to further their individual and collective recovery from online gaming addiction. Participants often choose a sponsoraEU"another recovering gaming addict with more experience in recoveryaEU"who can act as an advisor and confidant, and help the newly recovering gamer work the 12 Steps of OLGA. Sadly, face-to-face meetings of OLGA are currently few, but there are regular online meetings and ongoing OLGA chat rooms. Online interactive OLGA meetings and chat rooms may prove to be something of a double-edged sword, having the dual potential of providing needed social and recovery support but at the risk of triggering, in patients with insufficient recovery stability or affect management skills, destructive computer-related behavior. Some recovering online gaming addicts also attend open AA or All Addictions meetings where they get real-world social supportaEU"even if not from other gaming addicts."

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An excellent summary of

An excellent summary of recovery, and some of the challenges OWS faces as a newly registered charity.

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