The effective way to detoxify internet-game

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The effective way to detoxify internet-game

I have something new to share with all forum members. Hope you find it helpful

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, California, said the symptoms of the condition include long hours spending online, discomfort from interruptions, isolation from family and friends, sleep disorders, Panic, vibration or despair when receiving messages.

Scholars and health experts acknowledge that Internet addiction is becoming a danger, and they agree that there is a way to treat the disorder. In China, where 24 million children are thought to be addicted to the web, the method chosen to stop the internet is to set up detoxification camps; While in the UK the tendency to develop private clinics is considered preferential therapy.

Here are ways to help web addicts get rid of this habit in some countries around the world.

China - enroll in military classes

In contrast to the mild-mannered treatment based on empathy for European web addicts, China chose the harshest form of military concentration camps.

Here, "addicts" are monitored by veterans through rehabilitation. Students at these campuses are mainly sent by their parents, and they are required to undergo psychological and physical examination before they are admitted.

Tao Run, a psychiatrist and military colonel, said 90% of new arrivals were seriously depressed, with 58% continuing to attack their parents. The Telegraph reports that there are over 250 rehabilitation camps in China for internet addicts.

In addition to harsh physical exercises, moral, dance and life lessons are taught during the student stay, the detoxification process can last for 6 months, depending on the degree of addiction of each. patient.

England - to the monastery

There is a monastery in Roehampton (England), which has long been known as a shelter for drug addicts, with relatively high treatment costs, as opting for Internet addiction patients in the mist region. Upon arrival, the patient is assessed by a specialist free of charge on the web and then subject to the prescribed treatment regimen. The method of internet detoxification in this monastery is not much different from alcohol withdrawal or drug abuse.

America - to the desert

In southern Utah, a very special internet addiction treatment is a wild experience.

Family Bootcamp announced that it would intervene for families who did not want to bring relatives into concentration camps but still needed help, spending at least five days in the desert with their families.

The cost of treatment in this way is between $ 6,000 and $ 10,000 a month. When participating in this program, the addict will be separated from the world of technology and communication.

They have to confront the wilderness life in harsh conditions with their families in order to draw out the true meaning of life.

Korea - to the hospital

Internet addiction is becoming a thorny issue in the land of kimchi, as more and more youths are learning to play games, workers do not focus on work ... the government has to intervene, the opening of 140 private centers Internet detoxification along with 100 hospitals to treat addiction is essential.