The Keys to Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

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The Keys to Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

The benefits of the internet while keeping your children safe on-line. 

1)  Good Family Policy – enforce the rules.

  • Good communication
  • Create a FAMILY policy
  • NO technology can parent your kids like you can

2)  Limit Screen Time

  • Different for each family
  • Different for each AGE
  • Take homework into consideration
  • Make it work for your family

3)  Keep internet use in Open Spaces 

  • Be close… but not too close!
  • Give older kids more space
  • Do not allow children to go on-line behind closed doors – set up in living room or kitchen
  • Open environments create open communication

4)  Check device histories on a regular basis

  • They are still KIDS!
  • You need to be aware to help them deal with potentially hard situations
  • Check weekly
  • Make it routine
  • Know what sites they frequent
  • Pay attention to texts sent and received

     KIK app – Free Instant Messaging APP – can share information and chat, even without having a phone number.  Parents need to be aware of this, and how it works.

5)  Be the BEST Example.  Monitor your own activity on-line

  • Your kids are watching YOU!
  • You are the largest influence on your children
  • Stick to family policy
  • Kids will copy the way you use the internet

Liz Woolley