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ACCEPTANCE - Author known to The Divine - A magical potion is available to us today. That potion is called acceptance. ** We are asked to accept many things: ourselves, as we are; our feelings, needs, desires, choices, and current status of being. Other people, as they are. The status of our relationships with them. Problems. Blessings. Financial status. Where we live. Our work, our tasks, our level of performance at these tasks. ** Resistance will not move us forward, nor will it eliminate the undesirable. But even our resistance may need to be accepted. Even resistance yields to and is changed by acceptance. ** Acceptance is the magic that makes change possible. It is not forever; it is for the present moment. ** Acceptance is the magic that makes our present circumstances good. It brings peace and contentment and opens the door for growth, change, and moving forward. ** It shines the light of positive energy on all that we have and are. Within the framework of acceptance, we figure out what we need to do to take care of ourselves. ** Acceptance empowers the positive and tells God we have surrendered to the Plan. We have mastered today's lesson, and are ready to move on. (prayer) God, I will accept. I will relinquish my need to be in resistance to myself and my environment. I will surrender. I will cultivate contentment and gratitude. I will move forward in my joy by accepting where I am today. Amen....why is it that acceptance seems to be the very last thing that we do when, perhaps, it should be one of the first?...hmmmmmm...stay safe..loves :--)x