Addicted to sugar?

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Addicted to sugar?

I recently read the book, "The Diet Cure" by Julia Ross and have started following it's diet. This book shows you how to follow a program that will "rebalance your body chemistry and end food cravings, weight gain, and mood swings naturally". I've been on it for a week as of today and it seems to really make a difference. I'm not craving the sugar and carbs like I was and I think it may be helping with the gaming urges, as well, because they seem to have diminished, too, for the most part, anyway.

It does take some time and effort to follow their program, though. You have to take quite a few vitamins and supplements all throughout the day (6 times) plus cut out all sugar, junk foods, and empty calorie foods. It focuses on eating the best quality food for health....mainly lots of veggies and protein. It uses amino acid supplements to help with the body chemistry. It says you only need to take these for two or three months until the cravings stay gone, but the diet and vitamins will be for your lifetime. It's worth it for me if I can feel better and lose the extra pounds. So far I've not lost any weight, but to have the sugar and carb cravings gone is well worth it.


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I'm so glad the program is

I'm so glad the program is working for you! Today I'm back on my paleo diet. I felt a whole lot better when I wasn't eating junk food and by that I mean anything that comes in a box frozen, or anything that comes packaged that's sold in the center of the store. And no more white flour. Something usually happens that I go off this way of eating but I need to get back on track so that I feel better. It really is about health. Good for you! Keep us posted!

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Here every day there is

Here every day there is another article about getting rid of sugar, the new 'heroin'.

While I do not think this can cure all the problems of the human race, we will all be better off without sugar.

I have stopped sugar a year ago and I watch my carbs. No desire to go back to my old ways...

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I enjoy my vegan diet out of ethical concerns, but as a side-effect it turned out that most processed foods are inedible for me because they either contain diary or egg ingridients. I encourage everyone to see some films from slaugherhouses, not as a coax, but just to get information and see how you feel with what happens there. A lot of food we eat is mentally disconnected from where it comes from and how it is produced, so if something you watch on youtube would move you then as a side effect you'd connect like 95% of available processed food with atrocities, removing the unhealthy stuff from your life. For information about health I recommend
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I just returned from a doctor's visit reviewing my blood panel. Thank goodness all looks ok . He's an integrative dr so is very big on supplements. We talked a lot about inflamation in the body being a major problem. Most of the supplements I'm going on have to do with reducing inflamation and he DID make sure to tell me to cut out the sugar. That's rough, but I know I'll feel better when I do. I appreciate hearing from all of you and especially Tommi that you have been successful at cutting out sugar altogether. That's awesome, congratulations! Last week's lesson in Weight Watchers talked about telling yourself something good at the beginning and end of the day, instead of beating yourself up for eating sugar, etc. It's really helped me to have a better relationship with food and exercise making my self talk more positive. So what did you do today that you can brag about? I was having a hard time getting motivated to do all the mundane stuff of the morning (laundry, dishwasher, etc) so I decided to take the dog on a 35 min walk...we BOTH felt better afterwards!

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