For all the 20-somethings still looking for a reason to quit

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For all the 20-somethings still looking for a reason to quit

So, a friend of mine sent me this TED-Talk video lately:

It was supposed to get me motivated. Probably she thought that will kick my ass enough to write more applications and to not be that anxious about the future. She knows that I decided to quit games (that is actually working pretty well right now) and that I am really trying to socialize more and work on my future work-life. But I cannot do more than I already do, not yet. It will get better, soon and this video surely will keep me on track. That's why I wanted to share it.

Anyway, this ass-kicking video showed me on the one hand what I always told to my parents and any other person who came up with the sentence: "You are young! You have so much time!" This is SO wrong. Sure, I have time, but is this an excuse to waste my time right now? Is this really a reasonable reason to wait until something better happens? Something better does not simply happens, you have to make it happen. If you really think that your life can start after you finish high school, after you finish college, after have your first work experience ... you will always live like: after I did XYZ it will get better. There will always be a XYZ and it will never get better if you do not start NOW, because you live now. Is this not simple logic? For me it seems to be.

To see this video made me as happy as it did make me afraid. I am not sure what dominates my mood right now, probably fear. However, this is not negative. Fear can lead you to greatness. If this video keeps me on track on not going back to gaming, if this video helped me to write 2 applications yesterday after doing nothing for 3 weeks, it does its work. It even got me to write an old study colleague of mine to ask him to help me getting in his company. He cannot do anything, but at least I ASKED ...

So, for all you out there you get to hear every day: "You are young, you have so much time ... just go travelling, enjoy your life, this will never happen to you again!" I think these sayings do not help at all. Because it just leads us more to procrastination.

A friend told me: "If I have any New Year's Resolution, it would be: less talking, more doing!"

So, ...

  1. Keep track on not gaming!
  2. Keep track on writing applications!
  3. Keep track on meeting people!

That is the only way, I will get a good job in future and I will be able to build up a family. And this is the only goal that matters and for achieving that, even though I cannot imagine myself in a relationship in near future, I have to work on it right now. This is the time.

Thanks, Wolf