For Families: The Shy Person

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For Families: The Shy Person
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The shy man usually finds that he has been shy without cause, and that, in practice, no one takes the slightest notice of him.
--Robert Lynd

We sometimes feel self-conscious in front of others. It may be that we've just gotten braces or a new haircut and we're afraid everyone will stare at us. We stop smiling and talk with our heads bowed. Many people have worn braces and many more will. We need not be ashamed just because we feel different. By beginning to smile again we will see how many people really didn't notice our braces, or our haircuts, or anything but what they see inside us.

All we need to do is lift our heads and smile. We will be amazed to find how little even our best friends notice about the externals, the things that don't really matter. Who we are is far more noticeable and far more important than what we look like. A smile at shy times helps us accept ourselves as others do.

What makes me shy?

From Today's Gift: Daily Meditations for Families (c)1985,