February 16th thoughts and actions

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February 16th thoughts and actions

I hope if I post some of my favourite and relevant comics, it is no copy right infringement, will try to find out if it is. I know that may sites do this.

This is a panel by a great great comic series called "calvin and hobbes" by Bill waterson

Calvin - the boy, is a typical 6 year old - selfish and egocentric... so much like we often are when we are under the spell of addiction. Hobbes, his stuffed tiger, who is alife from his perspective is often very thoughtful and often presents a very good sane perspective of the same event.

Whenever I see those two interact, I cannot stop chuckling, hope you will like them too.


What you think, you create. What you say, you produce. What you do, you call forth more of.

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Re: February 16th thoughts and actions

It's not what you, it is what you do.

It is not what he/she says, but what he/she does!

Liz Woolley

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