I Can't Help It!

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I Can't Help It!

"I can't help it" . . . that's what we all say when we don't want to exert ourselves.
--Eva Lathbury
Irresponsible behavior is not unfamiliar to us. Passivity is equally familiar. In the past, excusing ourselves of all responsibility prevented us from being blamed. We have learned that it also prevented us from feeling worthy, from fulfilling our potential, from feeling the excitement that comes with achievement.

Our fear of failure helped us to be irresponsible. We may still fear failure, but the program offers us an antidote. We can't fail if we have turned our lives over to our higher power. We will be shown the way to proceed. Our fellow travelers have messages for us that will smooth our path.

I have chosen recovery. I have already said, "I can help it." I will celebrate that I am taking responsibility for my life today.
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This WAS totally me.  And I

This WAS totally me. And I finally know what "me" actually is! I could never make a decision to do anything before because I was too worried about what the other person thought or felt. So much so that I lost myself along the way. Now that I've been working on myself in recovery and relying on my HP, I feel a whole lot more secure and am able to slough off the stuff that's irrelevant and unhealthy without drama. It feels good to be much more secure and aware of what works for me and what doesn't. The boundaries are getting so much more clear! Recovery rocks!! :)

"Even when you think it's about you, it's not about you." Dr. Bill

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