Inventory--AA thought for the day

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Inventory--AA thought for the day

~*~A.A. Thoughts For The Day~*~

few months after I made my original trip to Akron I was feeling pretty cocky, and I didn't think my wife was treating me with proper respect, now that I was an outstanding citizen. So I set out to get drunk deliberately, just to teach her what she was missing. A week later, I had to get an old friend from Akron to spend two days sobering me up. That was my lesson, that one could not take the moral inventory and then file it away; that the alcoholic has to continue to take inventory every day if he expects to get well and stay well."
1976, Alcoholics Anonymous, pp. 293-4


Thought to Consider . . .

In order to recover we have to uncover.

F A I T H = Facing All In Trusting Him