June 15 Are you a room surrounded by mirrors or doors?

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June 15 Are you a room surrounded by mirrors or doors?

Our worst enemy is not a thing; it's a "who". It is  you and me, a person. Another way to put this is that selfishenss is the root of all evil. The self-centered, egocentric human being is the most dangerous enemy of life. We live in a glass room, each one of us. The great Harry Emerson Fosdick explains:

A person completrely wrapped up in himself makes a small package indeed. The great day come swhen a man begins to get himself off his hands. He has lived, let us say, in a mind like room suorrounded by mirrors. Every way he turned he saw himself. Now, however, some of the mirrors change to windows. He can see through them. He begins to get out of himself - no longer the prisoner of self-reflecions but a free man in a world where persons, causes, truths and values exist, worthful for their own sakes. Thus to pass from a mirror-mind to a mind with windows is an essential element in the development of areal personality. Without that experience no one ever ahcieves a meaningful life.

Moreover, without that experience no one can recover from addictions. Our program of recovery will guarantee that we will be put into the hands of our higher power. Our higher power will package us as windows of clarity and love. We will now see unlimited possibilities in our life. We are saved from our worst enemy: ourself.  

Prayer: Take me off of my hands, higher pwoer. I know I am my own worst enemy. Open me as a window to the world with an open door to you. Amen.

Taken from "Letting God" devotional for recovering person, written by A. Philip Parham

Liz Woolley