Know when to Compromise

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Know when to Compromise

Know When to Compromise

Sometimes compromise is important. Sometimes it's better to give in to someone else's wishes in order to have fun as a group or as a couple, or for the benefits of the team. Sometimes compromise is dangerous. We need to guard against compromising our standards to gain the approval or love of someone else.

Decide when you can, and when you cannot, compromise. If it's not harmful and you are ambivalent about a decision, then compromise. If it could lead to breaking your values, compromise isn't a good idea.

Is it okay to have lunch with an attractive colleague if you're married? Possibly, but not if lunch will lead to dinner, which then leads to more time spent together, culminating in an affair. Is it okay to go to the bar with friends after work? Maybe, but not if it leads to one rationalized decision after another until you have broken your commitment to stay sober.

Remember that what may be an acceptable compromise for one person might not be acceptable for you. Know your limits, know your values, and be aware of the dangers that can come from compromising them.

God, help me be aware of my limits. Give me the strength not to compromise the values that I need to help me on my path.

This inspiration is from

More Language of Letting Go: 366 New Daily Meditations

Quoted from the app Inspirations from Hazelden.

Find recovery resources at Hazelden.

"Life always waits for some crisis to occur before revealing itself at its most brilliant." ~Paul Coelho

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Great share 

Great share

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Thank you Rain. Great

Thank you Rain. Great share!

It's good to have goals and dreams, but while you're waiting for things to change, waiting for promises to come to pass, don't be discontent with where you are. Learn to enjoy the season that you're in--Pastor Joel Osteen

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