Letting Go In Love

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Letting Go In Love

LETTING GO IN LOVE - Author known to The Devine Spirit - " When people with a compulsive disorder do whatever it is they are compelled to do, they are not saying they don't love you--they are saying they don't love themselves." - Anonymous - Gentle people, gentle souls, go in love. ** Yes, at times we need to be firm, assertive: those times when we change, when we acquire a new behavior, when we need to convince others and ourselves we have rights. ** Those times are not permanent. We may need to get angry to make a decision or set a boundary, but we can't afford to stay resentful. It is difficult to have compassion for one who is victimizing us, but once we've removed ourselves as victims, we can find compassion. ** Our path, our way, is a gentle one, walked in love--love for self, love for others. Set boundaries. Detach. Take care of ourselves. And as quickly as possible, do those things in love...(prayer) Today, and whenever possible, God, let me be gentle with myself and others. Help me find the balance between assertive action taken in my own best interests, and love for others. Help me understand that at times those two ideas are one. Help me find the right path for me. Amen....I'll see you today and the next two...stay safe..loves :--)x

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Thank you for this.  It is

Thank you for this. It is so true. I had very low self esteem when I was gaming. i sought solace inside a virtual world. It's taking time to adjust to living in the real world and interacting with people in a healthy way and much of that includes setting boundaries. Communicating in real life isn't like sending a flippant text to someone or even writing a business letter. It's knowing what's healthy for our soul and communicating it in a clear way. With God's help slowly I'm feeling the change coming over me. I thank Him for all He's given me and in those quiet moments when I hear him, I know I'm heading in the right direction.


"Even when you think it's about you, it's not about you." Dr. Bill

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