May 31

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May 31

Today's Thought

TUESDAY , MAY 31, 2005

You are reading from the book Each Day a New Beginning with modifications.

That reality of life and living--movement from one place to another either in a project or in a state of mind, does not conform with what we imagine or expect or think we deserve so we often leave things hanging unfinished or unstarted.--Sandra Edwards

Being dissatisfied--discontented with the experiences real life gives us - forever hampers our growth. Reality is not our bane but our gift. The particular reality perceived by any one of us is of special significance because in that reality are our lessons--the very lessons that will awaken us to the awareness that what life offers is just what we deserve, and more.

It's our interpretation of life's realities that is at fault. We are not helping our real life, by running away from it, into a fantasy life. We must stay in it, and as we grow, spiritually, the clouds will disappear. We'll come to understand the interplay between our realities. And we'll willingly move ahead, fulfilling our part in life's bigger picture.

Sometimes all I can do is trust that all is well, even though it's not as I had hoped. On bad days I need only to reflect on the past to know that I am moving in the right direction.

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Re: May 31

One of my significant issues has been, and continues to be, not being very happy with my reality. That is one of the causes of my depression and various negative feelings (e.g., guilt) that I have tried to escape from by gaming. However, without gaming now, I am slowly learning to accept myself more (including where I am now). Also, I am trying to move ahead by finishing various tasks that are holding me back so that I can then accomplish new goals. Although this is not happening anywhere near as fast as I would like it to, I believe that I am on the whole moving forward towards becoming who I want to be. As my motto says, I try to "seize the day" each day to accomplish this in whatever small way that I am able to.

- John O.

[em]Carpe Diem![/em] (Seize the Day!)

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