The Never Haves

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The Never Haves

Author known to The Lord - All around us every day are those who would have us believe we can't. They haven't grown in their lives, so they tell us we can't grow and change in ours. Belief systems are strong, but ideas are stronger. In 1899, the then chief of the U.S. patent office proposed closing it down. He said, "Everything that can be invented already has been."

** We look back on a statement like that today and laugh, but how often do we believe it in our own lives? I can't go back to school because I'm nearly fifty. I shouldn't change careers now; I'll lose my retirement. Sure, a boat like that is nice, but I'll never have one; I'm not rich enough. Maybe he can stay sober, but I can't change my life. ** As children we're filled with wonder at the world around us. Anything is possible, anything at all. But all too soon the weight of the shouldn'ts, impossible's, and won'ts comes sneaking in around our shoulders tying us down to lowered expectations and limited beliefs.

** The world is flat. If you sail to the edge, you will fall off. Everything that can be invented already has been. Man will never walk on the moon. ** Believe in yourself. Believe in a wonderful God. Believe in the programs and support structures that help you every day. Say what it is you want, the lessons you want to learn, the goals you want to achieve, the relationships that you want to have, and then go out and allow the universe to manifest them in your life.

** The never have's sit on the sidelines and tell you about all that can't be. Will you join them or will you quietly go about doing the impossible on your own? ** Believe in the magic of I CAN. Tell the naysayers and never have's: I CAN, TOO. AND SO CAN YOU!

** Today, why not go to a park, sit on a bench, and think back to when you were a child. What were your dreams, your hopes? Are they really that far out of reach? Remember, anything can happen and quite often, it does...Thank you God, for the glory of my journey so far. Be with me as I learn more about what I can accomplish through you...loves :--)x....."

Listen to the Never haves then listen to me--Anything can happen, child, anything can be." - Shel Silverstein

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Very inspiring post Thanks !

Very inspiring post

Thanks !


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