OLGA Reflections -- G.O.D.=Good Orderly Direction

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OLGA Reflections -- G.O.D.=Good Orderly Direction

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OLGA Reflections

Wisdom of Recovery

Step 2: GOD=Good Orderly Direction

Reflection When we come into the program, we are powerless to control our addiction and our lives are unmanageable. What's next? We need help; we need something outside ourselves, we need something we haven't had before.

Some of us have a belief in a traditional God. We may think we have taken the second step--that we already have a Power who can help us. But we would be mistaken to think that there is no work to do--after all, if our relationship with our God is in good shape, why have we been so lost?

Others of us come to the program with different beliefs. Perhaps we follow a different spiritual path, that doesn't involve a traditional conception of God; or we may have no religious beliefs or spiritual practices at all. We are not interested in changing our beliefs, whatever they are, so we may at first think we will have a problem with Step 2. But we will find that it's not a problem at all.

Here is where today's saying comes into play. Whatever our beliefs, what we have been doing isn't working. Yet our work on Step 1 tells us that we need help. Where can we find this power to help us? Well, there is one power close at hand. It's the power of the fellowship of recovering addicts, the power of those millions who have recovered before us, the experience they share. If we want to recover, we need to let this healing power into our lives. We start simply: GOD=Good Orderly Direction. We listen with confidence to the voice of those who have found serenity. After all, we need it, too.

How to find Good Orderly Direction? We look for guidance to the old-timers, the people who have experienced the magic of a spiritual awakening, the joy of returning to real life. We look to those who are getting the positive results that we'd like to have. And when several of them have all credited the same approach, we do well to pay attention to that Good Orderly Direction. If we really want to recover, we will try to follow it.

We let the fellowship love us until we can love ourselves. We let the fellowship direct us until we learn to hear the voice of the higher power for ourselves. Eventually something happens to us. We come to believe that something is with us, or in us. It turns out not to matter too much what details we believe about that higher power. What matters is that if we follow the Good Orderly Direction of the fellowship, that magic of spiritual awakening comes to us. It holds us, gives us peace and helps us live.

Question: Am I willing to follow the direction of the fellowship and listen to those who have good recovery? Am I open to the possibility of spiritual awakening, regardless of my current beliefs?

Action: Choose something you struggle with, and share it with three people in the fellowship whose recovery you admire. Listen to them. Then try one thing that they suggest.

Prayer: May I follow the Good Orderly Direction of those who have recovered before me.

I am a recovering computer game and gambling addict. My recovery birthday: On May 6, 2012 I quit games and began working a program of recovery through OLGA No computer games or slot games for me since December 12, 2012. No solitaire games with real cards since June 2013.