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"One night after a Step Two meeting, I decided to find out what those courageous early members who put our Twelve Steps together really meant by sanity. I was a little surprised to find that my dictionary defined it as the quality of being sound of mind, sound of judgment, reasonable and rational in one's thoughts ... As I sat there mulling over the definition, an idea occurred to me: 'This is what I'm to be restored to -- sound, reasonable, rational thinking.'"

Shenandoah, Iowa, February 1982
From: "Sanity Clause"

Step By Step

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Thanks Pat. I'm still

Thanks Pat. I'm still learning that I need to be restored to sanity on a semi-regular basis, even after begining to figure out how to live life without games :)

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Thanks Patria, This is

Thanks Patria,

This is helpful, Sometimes I don't understand what being restored to sanity actually is.

Probably because I'm Mad.

I'm still searching for the method of rational, sound thinking. Most of the time my thinking is pretty screwed up. When we read the promises after a meeting, it seems like I haven't attained them yet but I'm hopeful they're there for me as well as everyone else.

Thanks Tam

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