Strengthening Your Mind

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Strengthening Your Mind

"Strengthening your mind is like strengthening your body - it takes time."

Outer strength takes persistence, time and a commitment to regular exercise. Inner strength requires exactly the same thing. It won't happen overnight but once you start, you'll notice you're feeling a little stronger inside, day by day.

Exercise every aspect of your mind on a regular basis. Exercise your courage and sense of adventure by seizing new experiences. Exercise your patience and wisdom by taking time to think things through. Exercise your determination, persistence and commitment to self-improvement by deciding that no matter how long it takes, you're going to become a stronger [person] - starting today!

Jane Powell - Meditations for [People]

Today's Affirmation: Each day I take time to exercise my inner strength.

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This is so true.  There

This is so true. There were more times lately I wanted to do or say something and I stopped myself because it's not for my higher good and just repeats negative patterns. That's my inner exercise.

"Even when you think it's about you, it's not about you." Dr. Bill

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